That's not what the Death card means

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written 2005-09-05 12:05:00

So, this evening I'm out about five miles north of Ada with some friends. Be advised that Ada is about 75 miles from Dayton and Toledo, the closest major cities.

Now, I've enjoyed the stars a great deal since moving here. They're great, but they've only been about as great as they were at home in PA. That is, only as great as the proximity of Philadelphia allowed them to be.

So tonight, I come out of these people's house, out there in the big empty between Ada and Bluffton, and every damn star in the world's up there. Only once before have I seen that many stars, all at once, all rockin' out like that. (Rural Maryland, far enough from Annapolis and Baltimore and DC for it to really get going.)

I highly recommend to my urban dwelling friends to drive 75 miles towards the nearest empty, wait for sunset, and look up.

9.5.05, 12:05 AM, EDT, Ada, Ohio

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