That's not what the Death card means

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written 2005-09-18 23:35:00

News: this weekend I actually placed myself in a social situation with other people - of my own free will. Stranger-type people.

No, really.

It was kinda nice. I went to a barbecue. I tended the grill. I opened a 2-liter of soda that had been shaken up at some point. I met a bunch of people I didn't know before. I reassured many about the relative harmlessness of bees.

Good weekend, all in all. Played games, taught someone chess, drank coffee and studied the IRS codes and regulations that make it possible to write off business lunches. (They must be for a noncompensatory business-oriented reason, of course!)

Oh, and welcome to Sarah, who is Marilla's friend. Marilla herself isn't reading this, apparently, but her friend may be. Welcome!

9.18.05, 11:35 PM, EDT, Ada, Ohio

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