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written 2005-09-24 23:23:00

NOTICE: Non-gamers may want to skip today's post. It's almost unintelligible to the uninitiated.

Good times in Columbus today. Drove down to play cards with Jay Kristoff and crew, who had a very nice turnout of 15 people - three tables of five. I didn't get to play Jay, or DJ Feng Shui, which was a little disappointing, but Dave Pennington and Mark Loughman were in attendance, and both traded bleeds and hand strikes with me in a couple of rounds.

Personal to the Waffle King: that guy who played the 60 Computer Hacking deck, with all Caitiff crypt, at the first Ann Arbor Qualifier, was there too. He's still crazy.

I played a Tremere THA deck with a good chunk of Create Gargoyles, all of whom I named Jennifer. It made it much more personal to tell someone I was blocking with Jennifer than "Gargoyle #2." Mark Loughman even took it a step further when blocking my Create actions in the final to say, "Jennifer was tearing up the place in the first round. I have to block her before she has a chance to wreck me."

He's a kind man, that Mark. My deck failed miserably first round, stumbled into 1.5 VPs in the second, and in the third round utterly unexpectedly took a game win and 3 VP out from under Will Kristoff's excellent Synesios deck. Will is now my hero, alongside his brother.

I made the final, but was outclassed by good decks to either side of me. Plus, my predator was playing Tremere as well, getting my Martin Franckel, my Ivory Bow and my Arcane Library before I had a chance to play them. So, I was patient and appeared helpless as per the Legbiter Wounded Wing strategy for about ninety minutes, then lunged for Mark's throat. Couldn't seal the deal, though, and Will Kristoff's demise heralded my own as Mark ousted him, and David Barrish (hope I'm spelling that right) ousted me. Good times, good times.

Decklist posted to R.G.T-C.J. for those who are interested. Next tournament, November in Milwaukee. Thanks to the Milwaukee folks for helping me build my deck for today. Audio posts from the tournament posted by DJ Feng Shui at his site.

9.24.05, 11:23 PM, EDT, Ada, Ohio

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