That's not what the Death card means

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written 2005-09-26 12:07:00

Honestly, I didn't know Ohio had any art, much less art within an hour's drive of here.

Saw some Picasso, some Degas, some Rembrandt. Toledo Museum of Art. Good times.

Also, Tim Horton's. I had been under the impression that Tim's was a Canadian donut joint-- I guess it turns out it's an international donut joint. I was unaware that you could get donut holes / Munchkins / "Timbits" with filling. Like, a very small jelly donut. Or lemon. (But not... the legendary Boston Creme.)

Now, homework for Federal Taxation. Did you know that if you pay for your own health insurance, the proceeds are entirely tax-deductible, but if your employer pays the premiums, you may have to report some of any proceeds as gross income. It's true, check section 104-106 of the IRC.

9.26.05, 12:07 AM, EDT, Ada, Ohio

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