That's not what the Death card means

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written 2005-10-05 16:33:00

Man, what better way to feel better after a sick day than losing a pint of blood!

(No, not that way.)

My temperature was within reasonable standards, I felt fairly well, and I had been hydrating myself since the night before, so I donated blood today.

Things I learned, or should have learned before and was reminded of today:

Now, of course, I have a quiz tomorrow. It's not quite a midterm, but I think it's pretty important. So, my laundry, my minus-one-pint bloodstream and I are going to go study. And probably treat myself to dinner. You know, because of the loss of blood. (See!? It's a multipurpose excuse! I could probably rob a liquor store as long as I had my little sticker on!)

10.05.05, 4:33 PM, EDT, Ada, Ohio

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