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written 2005-10-10 22:44:00

I need to loose my sorrow somehow, and here you find the Internet. The Ada community has lost someone special - I've lost someone special.

The Hardee's on Main Street closed this weekend.

You can laugh, but I feel a true loss. I don't know if anyone's been to a Hardee's in the last three years or so, but they apparently went through some kind of reorganization that closed down more than half of their burger joints, but left the remainder with good burgers at good prices, curly fries, late hours for hard-studying college students, and a student ID deal on food that almost made buying groceries impractical from an economic standpoint.

I know I've said some harsh things about Hardee's in the past - my practice of going to a Hardee's about once every two years to remind myself of how bad they are, and why I don't go more frequently - I won't deny saying those things. But Hardee's... you know all was forgiven. You were there for me on a number of occasions, whether it was for a $2.88 burger, fries and Coke meal; for hours of studying made more feasible by unlimited self-serve refills; or for the option of hand-scooped Breyer's or Hershey's ice cream. You were there, Hardee's, and I appreciate it.

But they're gone now. I hear the lot's going to be developed for a Walgreen's. They're going to knock down the Hardee's and Carol Slane's Florist so the Walgreen's can have enough parking. Never mind the two locally-owned and -operated drug stores already present in Ada. And never mind the fact that no other restaurant in town offers Coca-Cola products for fountain drinks - everywhere else, from cafeteria to Taco Bell / Pizza Hut (shudder), hawks Pepsi products. And never mind my needs. Oh, no.

There's just nothing good about this development. Nothing good. My "meals I don't have to cook myself" options just limited themselves to KFC, Subway, and East of Chicago Pizza buffet. Not entirely appealing.

Oh, and I have a midterm on Friday. It's reputed to be hard as hell. I'm expecting nothing less. But I'm prepped, and continue to prep this week - be advised I may be harder to get ahold of, accordingly.

That's what's up here. And with you?

10.10.05, 10:44 PM, EDT, Ada, Ohio

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