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written 2005-10-23 15:53:00

Went to Cleveland this weekend, saw the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Met the very nice Mrs. Shoemaker, who sprang for lunch for Marilla and myself. Lovely time had by all, and thanks to Carol for the meal - decent food hard to come by in Ada, especially when you don't cook much.

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame seems to believe there wasn't much in the way of good music in the 1980s. While I'm not sure I disagree, there's a lot of music in that era that I feel deserves recognition. Perhaps not by the Hall of Fame's standards, sure, but still...

Congrats to my buddy Dave, who is now the law clerk and judicial commissioner for Oneida County, Wisconsin. So, he gets to clerk for the judges up there, and on weekends he gets to stand in for them while they're doing non-judicial things. I think that's awesome. I should be so lucky to get work like that myself in a year. Dave stuck it out for a good while waiting for a job like this - I hope it turns out to be a great position, well worth the wait.

All right, I have studying to do, and someone attractive offered to make me dinner tonight too.

10.23.05, 3:53 PM, EDT, Ada, Ohio, Where The Food's Not Really That Interesting

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