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written 2005-10-27 09:45:00

Frost today. 39 degrees, give or take. Wore my gloves. Very exciting. I hear second-hand (by way of Langhorne, PA) that Bellefontaine, OH, a few miles south of here, got snow already. That's awesome.

All sorts of class rescheduling lately. Con Law cancelled, postponed to tomorrow - no BusOrg at all next week. Extra Evidence class to catch up with a cancelled class from last week, which was fall break anyway, so even less work then, even more now.

Gave up on my Two-Face Hallowe'en costume. I know, I'm a lazy slacker. But the stitching would have revealed just how little of my tailoring skills survived from Home Ec in junior high and needlepoint I picked up from my grandma.

(Oh, I was going to make a Two-Face costume for Halloween - buy two suits at a thrift store, of wildly different colors and styles, cut them in half, and sew the odd halves together.)

Marilla is cross with nature, since in her (Floridian) experience, nature should provide sun, breezes and pleasant humidity. Nature providing freezing temperatures, cold north winds and dry crisp air is not in her portfolio. Anyone wishing to advocate on behalf of "northern" weather in the fall may send statements c/o myself, and I'll forward them. Me, I love me some winter. I even love to modify nouns and verbs with the adjective "wintry."

10.27.05, 9:45 AM, EDT, Ada, Ohio, Snow Country

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