That's not what the Death card means

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written 2005-11-04 12:15:00

Thanks to everyone who sent well-wishes. They were warmly received and made for a very busy day, communications-wise.

Good birthday! Didn't skip class, wasted a lot of time writing a lot of journal entries that I won't be posting. Putting unreasonable expectations on oneself to have something noteworthy to say every half-hour or so is really impractical. I'm still not entirely over the needlessly self-important feeling that having a webjournal inflicts on me.

Eh. Anyway, on the to good stuff:

Whew. Lots of fun last night, and thanks to everyone that came out. Actually, those people are all local, and I think the readership of the page here is all extralocal. I'll thank them in person.

The 30s aim to be an exciting decade in the life.

11.04.05, 12:15 PM, EST, Ada, Ohio, Dire Straits' "Heavy Fuel"

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