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written 2005-11-07 12:46:00

Oh, so I cut off the bottom of the journal and put it in a different file - then forgot to make that file available. Down at the bottom of the page is a link to all the past journal entries. Thanks to Mikey for pointing out my inadequacies.

So, I think I cause the Eagles to lose when I watch them. I watched the Dallas game. I saw some of the Broncos game. Tonight I watched part of the game - the part where they went from a 7-0 lead to a 10-7 deficit. Then, I IM'ed Mikey for a bit, and when I looked back up, they had tied it 10-10. The Redskins were heading for the end zone when I made a conscious decision to change the channel, for the good of the team.

Does anyone know if they won?

Saw Cameron Crowe's Elizabethtown tonight. It was good, as I've come to expect from him, but I wonder if it's too hard to live up to his own legend sometimes. There were points in the movie where I had trouble suspending my disbelief... either he's losing some of his magic or I'm getting jaded. Good film overall, though. Recommended.

Apparently good will is worth money. I hope this is made more clear in Bus Org tomorrow. I understand good will being an asset, and good will being transferable (I think), but I have trouble putting a dollar value on it, particularly from a decedent to an heir. We'll see.

Time to drink water and get some sleep. Must study and do laundry tomorrow. Make dinner. Get on a productive kick to take me through the end of the year. Fascinating fact - less than one month remains before finals begin.

Oh, Saturday Night Live should not run clip shows in the usual SNL timeslot.

11.07.05, 12:46 AM, EST, Ada, Ohio

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