That's not what the Death card means

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written 2005-11-07 12:34:00

The best part of the movie The Matrix: Reloaded is the bit from Keanu Reeves fighting half a dozen other superhuman martial artists with archaic weapons, through Carrie-Anne Moss and Laurence Fishburne fighting the twin wraiths, through the big extended chase scene / fight scene on the freeway, ending with Fishburne killing an SUV with a katana. The subsequent superhuman fistfight on the back of the tractor-trailer is good too, but as an ending image, it's got to be Katana 1, SUV 0. The rest of the movie: ehhh.

That's totally not what I intended to put down for this entry. I wonder what it was? Hmm. If I think of it, I'll try and get it next time. It may have had something to do with those lists I posted in the last couple days. I had to figure that out in HTML. Didn't really work a few times.

11.07.05, 12:34 PM, EST, Ada, Ohio, The Matrix

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