That's not what the Death card means

post 47
written 2005-11-08 10:41:00

Intellectual Property was closed out when I tried to register. Stupid third-years getting preferential treatment. "Oh, I'm graduating! I'm special! Waaaa!"

That's fine, I didn't want to take it anyway! Jerks! (barely restrained weeping)

But now I have to find 2 hours of something to fill my schedule to meet an ABA standard for third-year law student practical experience, or I can't work at the law clinic this summer. Law and Economics? Con Law would be interesting, but I'd rather have both Con Law I and II under my belt before moving on. Insurance Bad Faith Litigation sounds interesting, but probably not in my future.


11.08.05, 10:41 AM, EST, Ada, Ohio, Home of the regionally-well-regarded Ohio Northern University

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