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written 2005-11-14 17:55:00

Okay, recovery mainly complete. Now catching up.

Weekend was great. Long drives both ways, but a new route from south of Chicago to Milwaukee has been discovered, which involves paying no tolls to the Evil State of Illinois. The Wisconsinites have a term, "F.I.B.s," which refers to Illinoisians. Their oppressive practices of taxing travelers through their stupid state is a major reason for this term, in my opinion.

Great weather. Warm, breezy, still autumnal, but not unnecessarily biting or chilly.

Much love to all the good people in the Good Land, and the greater metropolitan Good Land region. Especially those lovable purveyors of all things game-related, Fortress Games in Menonomee Falls. I guess they read this page, which was kind-of shocking to me - I thought there were about six people reading at any given time, and one of them was always asking him- or herself, "Man, I should really be reading something more worthwhile." Thanks for the gamespace, Mike and Company. Great to see all y'all again.

Cards - fun. Saturday was an exercise in "just how badly can I perform" and I think I did quite well under that standard. Big Setites with DOM didn't serve me as well as they've served Buerger in the past. So be it. Sunday was the pre-release, so we all got to see new cards, clans and vampires. I played Guruhi because I liked the sound of the name. I spent a lot of time enjoying the African nomenclature, and periodically would bust out into African song. Also, I won. Yay me! Really, it was a matter of table seating. I chose the other Guruhi deck as my prey, and then contested 2 of his 3 vampires. After that, I made a deal with Jill to get her a VP and get me the table. Lately, I don't perform that well at final tables, so I was pretty pleased.

Cosmic Nexus: Landmark! Good to see all the good people at Landmark. Someone tell Sarah I'm sorry I missed her Saturday night on my way out. It was getting a little bit crowded, a little bit hipster, a little bit Marquette in there, if you know what I'm saying. Also, had to go hit Checkers for the excellent french fries on the drive home.

Thanks again to Bear and Jill for the hospitality. I'd offer mine in return, but no one in their right minds wants to come to Ada, OH, and even fewer want to stay for any length of time.

I have to go open a bunch of cards now, read Evidence, and think about dinner. Oh, also, think about getting my body back to a diurnal schedule.

11.14.05, 5:55 PM, EST, Ada, Ohio, Home to no game stores or comic shops or Checkers

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