That's not what the Death card means

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written 2005-11-30 20:01:00

Typing poorly today because of the band-aid on my right middle finger and the bandange on the inside of my elbow, and spelling poorly as well because of the blood loss.

Nope, you're not reading my creepy last will and e-testament, as I lay bleeding and wounded amidst the bodies of the assassins they sent to silence me... no, it's not that. I just gave blood again.

I feel like I can't live up to that last post about blood donation. That was a good post. This time around the exsanguinator wasn't as good, there was no skinny girl to feel sorry for, just showing up, tapping a vein, and going on my way.

Though I have been a good bit loopy since the exsanguination. Had pizza at Padrone's (which does a decent job of resisting my dad's "West of Pittsburgh, South of Baltimore" rule for finding good pizza. Not amazing or anything, but real pizza, as it ought to be made.

Now, the magic of Evidence. I figure if I prep for class and study for the exam as well, that's a good chunk of my prep for that one done. Evidence isn't until last, Dec. 16. First one's Fed Tax, but Prof. Lobenhofer has a crazy-ass long study session for that on Friday. (The Friday before finals week, and he schedules a study session. It's like he knows how to hurt a guy.) It's probably going to be very useful study stuff, though, so I'm skipping my weekly trip to Lima for groceries and gaming.

11.30.05, 8:01 PM, EST, Ada, OH, through a fine haze of blood loss

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