That's not what the Death card means

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written 2005-12-02 11:24:00

And just like that, another semester down.

That's weird. I absolutely feel like A) there should be more classes this week, and B) there should be more classes in the two weeks to come.

That's ridiculous, because A) it's Friday, and B) the next two weeks are exam weeks. Tuesday starts it off, then Friday, then Monday, then Friday, then I'm Audi. There will be a lot of studying between then and now. There will probably be some messed up sleep schedules, though lately I've been doing a fair job of waking up between 6am and 7am every day to get conditioned to it for my two 8:30 am exams. My brain's already in a form of neural shutdown, where I can't really concern myself with anything except exam material. My right arm is suffering from what can only be repetitive-stress disorder pains, since I don't lift anything heavier than my books these days. (Though it's about thirty-forty pounds of books, I reckon.) I'm not napping in the afternoons anymore, for no reason other than I'm constantly thinking about studying.

Right now, though, I'm just going to have some lunch and maybe watch Brazil, by Terry Gilliam. And, in three hours, go to a review session for Fed Tax, estimated to last at least three hours, but probably no more than eight. (sigh)

12.2.05, 11:24 AM, EST, Ada, OH, chill winds and such

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