That's not what the Death card means

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written 2005-12-08 16:18:00

Okay, my head and my writing hand are okay, but now the small of my back is aching. Too much standing upright? Is my posture too good? I haven't shoveled all that much snow, so it can't be that.

So, I'm walking back from my Bus Org final, and trying to decide if I should walk in the fields and yards (snowy, drifting to two feet or more, no sidewalks in this part of town) or in the street (unplowed but pushed down by the passage of cars). As if on cue, a crappy, rust-bitten 80's model little pickup truck comes barrelling down the road. Barrelling in these conditions is only about 35 or 40, but you know what I'm saying. Every two or three seconds, he fishtails his back end. Keep in mind, in order to do that every two or three seconds, he has to yank his truck around in the other direction. I waited for him to realize he was an idiot and start driving at a normal speed for conditions, without all the "I want to crash into someone's house" driving skillz. None of these things occurred, so I quickly leapt into someone's yard. I hope no property owners minded. The truck-drivin' bozo continued his merry way down the road, oncoming traffic pulling off into driveways and snowdrifts, oblivious to every and any other thing on the road. (sigh) Life in Ohio isn't so bad you should kill yourself by driving like an ass on snow-coated roads. C'mon!

Two down, two to go. I understand the Con Law final is going to be a bit more demanding than some of my classmates thought. I have a study session with one or more of them scheduled for Sunday. It's never too late to get more studying done, right?

Personal to Chuck and Mikey: in my Bus Org essay, I argued against Delaware. (Well, the practice of allowing other states' companies to incorporate there, but I framed in terms of railing against Delaware as an entity.) I got your back.

12.8.05, 4:18 PM, Eastern Snowy Time, Ada, OH, where plowing the roads is optional

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