That's not what the Death card means

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written 2005-12-17 13:40:00

A couple of things -

The site was down briefly while Mikey moved to Chicago. The server at least. Then, just to be a jerk, he temporarily changed the names of the servers so that no one could read my webjournal. That's all straightened out now.

Exams done, brain contracting back to a "normal" size. Drove way the heck out into Nowhere, Ohio, last night to play some games. We played in a bar that didn't serve liquor, and kept its soda and beer in two white, regular, stand up fridges behind the bar. Weird place, but I guess they get along.

I was going to drive home today, but it would have necessitated bringing all dirty laundry home and coming back to the apartment in January all messy. So, today, laundry and cleaning. Also, another day to let the roads get better from the storm that hit here in Ohio, then went east to hit PA.

Tomorrow: the big drive. I was going to go I-80, but I might wuss out and take the Turnpike because it has the potential to be safer. We'll see. I just don't like how curvy and hilly the Northeast Extension is, especially in winter.

Today's going to be a nice day for not studying, I think.

12.17.05, 1:40 pm, EST, Ada, OH

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