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written 2006-01-09 16:21:00

Fickle chaos, which meddles in all things, has seen fit to force me to take a seminar class that I'm not all that interested in.

See, I was going to take Criminal Procedure, get myself some knowledge on the criminal side of things to go with all the estates, gifts, wills, etc, that I'm taking on Mondays (or Martindays as I'm calling them, as I have no one but brand-new Professor Martin on those days, two classes). But, I only reach this decision after class selection is closed last November. But, Dean Christoff says that the class is underenrolled (along with Civil Practice, which I'm also signed up for). So, today, I walk into room 125 and there are literally no seats available. This is unheard of. The law school's classrooms anticipate a huge turnout for some classes; some classes are required, some are just obvious choices, there's always that chance for a huge turnout. But these are lecture halls I'm talking about. Probably ten rows of deskspace, room for ten across. And it's full.

So, I'm not taking Criminal Procedure. And if you recall, I didn't get into Intellectual Property. So, that's two options down. I signed up for a class to keep my hours at a level that my advisor would accept - Constitutional Law Seminar. That sounds good, but the professor is a different prof from my Con Law prof, upstate New York native Joanne Brant. And I was told by a certain someone (a most attractive someone, you might find a picture of her on this journal somewhere) that said professor could be a poor choice, and would incur more grief than 2 hours of seminar is worth.

Yet here I am, signed up for Con Law Seminar and no other obvious options. So, I guess I make run at it. Furter updates as they become available.

1.9.06, 4:21 pm, EST, Ada, OH, Flatland

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