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written 2006-01-09 16:29:00

Oh, if you can, spit on a US Bank today.

Many of you know how I went broke over vacation, but the lack of income and the lack of US Bank branches in Bucks County and the lack of help from the US Bank call center forced me to accept the overdraft and simply stop spending money. (Not counting the fake money that Visa represents.)

So today I go in, and explain my situation, and ask if they'll take off the bizarre number of charges that posted after I went into the negative numbers, after I was aware of my overdraft. And all I got was a lot of double talk and sneering refusals. I imagine that might be a valid business strategy in a town full of college kids who are one phone call away from a trust fund disbursement, but I tried to indicate that I was not one of that pampered class.

Still no dice.

So, I haggle and haggle and finally, she takes off the negative balance fees. $56, at $7 per day (??). Then, she says she'll take off half of the overdraft charges if I sign up for overdraft protection. I agree, since I know I'm closing this account as soon as I pay it up to positive numbers. Then, when she calculates the half of my fees, she adds the $56 back in. So, I end up having to pay half of the $56 which she already agreed was not proper for me to pay? Dastardly.

I'll get all my money in there, probably get a credit card from them as a result of signing up for overdraft protection, then take all my money out and walk a block north to Mom and Pop's Ada Bank. It won't change anything and it might cost me a little something in fees, but I don't care. Screw US Bank, screw their opportunitistic business practices, screw their refusal to dialogue about the situation. I'm not a huge stickler for customer service - my usual stance is that the person who has to serve is underpaid and underappreciated, so you should be nicer to them. But, not this time, pal.

1.9.06, 4:29 pm, EST, Ada, OH, home to US Bank, PepsiCo, Subway and soon Rite Aid

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