That's not what the Death card means

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written 2006-01-12 14:59:00

So, the other day I see a university groundskeeper circling a hedge. I think nothing of it. Then I hear a clicking noise, and I look a little closer, and he has some kind of device he's aiming at the ground around the hedge. There's a long stem or wand projecting from the device. My first thought, it's a Geiger counter. I don't really know what they look like, but I'm pretty comfortable with this idea. I walk on, uncertain why the school would need to check the radiation exposure of its shrubbery.

Anyway, the next day I'm walking by the same hedge, and a university truck is parked on the sidewalk by the hedge. And as I'm walking by, a man emerged from the earth behind the hedge.

Please stay with me. This is the part where people usually start frowning at me in disbelief. Like, "C'mon, Heslin, there wasn't really a Muppet being held captive in the back of that station wagon." I know what I saw!

Yes, a man came up out of the ground, right behind that hedge that the guy was scanning for radiation the day before. There were sawhorses up, blocking off an area just off the sidewalk, and a neat hole had been dug of sufficient depth to conceal a full-grown man. And while I watched, that full-grown man climbed up from this hole to retrieve something from his truck.

So, I'm not certain what to do now. If I investigate, I could blow open a state-supported cover-up. I could be irradiated. But what if there's a radioactive bunker below the arts building? What if I'm the only one who saw it?

Any input on what I should do in this situation will be accepted.

1.12.06, 2:59 PM, EST, Ada, OH, The Truth Is Out Here

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