That's not what the Death card means

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written 2006-01-14 11:37:00

And no sooner do I write that I'm not angry at US Bank anymore, than they anger me again.

Did you know the charge for having them honor a check or a bank card use is the same as the charge for having them refuse a check or a bank card use for insufficient funds? It's true!

Did you know that casual disregard for customers, a bland refusal to adhere to the simplest social niceties, and double-dealing business sensibility are all S.O.P. for US Bank? It's true!

Now I have to weigh a continuing rage against my desire to not have to rewrite my online financial identity. I wonder if they know that's a weapon in their marketing arsenal. Jerks.

Saw Walk The Line last night. Good, good movie. Anyone who missed it should check it out on DVD, or the $1.50 theater like I did. Even if just for the passing appearances of Sam Phillips, Jerry Lee Lewis, Elvis, and Roy Orbison - the last three of whom, like Phoenix and Witherspoon, did all their own vocals.

1.14.06, 11:37 AM, EST, Ada, OH, it snowed a little last night

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