That's not what the Death card means

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written 2006-01-30 12:51:00

Thanks for all the kind words and thoughts regarding my health. I'm feeling better now.

Friday night, my check card still didn't work. I swear US Bank was actively trying to make me insane. Actively. I called their phone center and got it cleared up. (Recall, last time I called the call center they claimed only the local branch could help me. Damn them all anyway.) I'm considering the value, both in practical results and personal gratification, of going to the local branch and asking them if they enjoy screwing with their customers - if it gives them some sort of twisted satisfaction.

Other than that, did some homework, watched some TV, played some CoH. CoH continues to run poorly on my computer. Hope to have that problem addressed this week. I hate that the performance of a computer program can elicit such quick, direct action on my part, like a skilled marrionetteer. Or, a half-assed marrionetteer. Either way.

I'm feeling discontent. Or entering some stupid "long dark night of the soul" phase. I hate that. I also hate that Susan's stupid weekly astrology e-mail virtually predicted that. There's a lot of things I hate.

I do enjoy Chex Mix, though. There is that.

1.30.06, 12:51 AM, EST, Ada, OH, past my bedtime, outside the good pizza availability zone

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