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written 2006-02-04 19:37:00

It's snowing, it's snowing, naa-naa-naa-na-naaaa-aaaa. I knew this weather couldn't keep up. February, you came through like a champ.

Of course, this means I'll have to go and study during/after the Super Bowl. No big deal, I can keep up on scores (and how much money I win in the pool: Steelers 7, Seahawks 0 or Steelers 4, Seahawks 0) online without interrupting my reading. Though I will miss those fabled Super Bowl commercials.

Which weren't even that good, last time I watched them with any interest. Though they suffer from a natural amount of hype, I think - someone paid $2 million for this 30 seconds? It better pay off.

Hey, I finally have a bank card. However, it's been about three weeks since I made my student loan deposit. During that time I've been unable to access any of that money personally without physically entering the bank, filling out bank foms and proving my identity. The whole purpose of check cards is to avoid that rigamarole. (Yeah, that's right, I called it rigamarole, and I did so unironically. Y'wanna fight about it?)

And, since it's a new bank card, I have to re-input its numbers into all my of online payment services and programs.

Which begs the question: why am I staying with US Bank again? Earlier, I suggested it was because I was too lazy to reinput all this stuff. That point's moot now. So... here's my plan:

I go into the branch, I explain the three weeks of financial deprivation, and I ask if they'll do anything to compensate me for it. If they'll make a gesture. If they have any interest in keeping me happy. And if not, I take all my money and go down the block to Liberty Bank.

We'll see. I might waffle. I'm bad like that.

Heroclix and comic books this morning. Won three matches out of three, which is nice, but lost first place on points.

More later.

2.4.06, 7:37 PM, EST, Ada, OH, apparently I think I'm funnier than I really am when I'm low on blood

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