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written 2006-03-10 12:51:00

A week where you get back to work is a week you have to remember how to get back to work.

Got a good amount done - did my turn at the seminar as discussion facilitator (conservative constitutional construction), and got a number of compliments on it. Which is fortunate, because my section was the one featuring the professor's citation - the authors used an article of his.

Need to get more done, though - no class tomorrow or Monday, so I'll probably spend that time reading and drafting parts of my seminar paper.

And I must shop. Food becomes scarce here at Casa Heslin. Perhaps a pleasant afteroon trip to Kenton, where lies a pizza place I haven't tried yet. Or possibly Lima, where comic books are to be found.

Wedding in Milwaukee in a few weeks - have to make sure I finish my paper early, so I can leave town without worrying about finishing too close to the day I leave. The deadline's early enough, so it should be a problem. You could ask me where I'm at on my paper if you call or e-mail me.

On Netflix this week: "The Warriors" and "Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow." Different flavors of bad movie, but a unified theme nonetheless.

Sorry if this was a long time between posts again. Feel free to assume that a lack of new info tends to mean nothing's going on.

3.10.06, 12:51 AM, EST, Ada, OH, somewhere between late night and early morning

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