That's not what the Death card means

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written 2006-03-18 22:50:00

Another week with not much updating. I apologize to those of you for whom checking this journal is a daily (or even more frequent) routine - to be disappointed six out of seven times is tragedy, of which I am the penitent author.

Y'like that? I'm gonna write some badass language in that metier for my paper. I just need to have some more stuff to write about. More research completed this week, most of it very partisan which is both helpful and hindering. More research tomorrow, along with reading for my Estates classes.

Thanks to all the people that I actually spoke to this week. Periodically, I'll get bummed about the limited amount of contact, virtually all of it academic in content and nature, that I have with other human beings. Talking to people - via phone, e-mail, IM - is good for my belief that there's more out there than empty fields and neglected towns, statutes and code sections, food both fast and frozen.

Reorganizing my comics, by company, title, series and issue number. This is a little more scary than it sounds. Y'all know how many comics I have? Yeah.

I should think about food. Or about not food, but sleep, and waking up early and getting some food.

3.18.06, 10:50 PM, EST, Ada, OH

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