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written 2006-03-20 14:13:00

My schedule for the year has been rather drastically shifted by realism and responsibility.

I had thought I might stay here in Ada and take classes to reduce the total number of credit hours I'll need in my last two terms, Fall '06 and Spring '07. Also, Computer Law is only offered in the summer, so that was an opportunity I was looking forward to taking.

So, this week, I've been figuring out my schedule, and the stupid Pennsylvania state bar examination includes so many topics and areas of potential inquiry that I would be stuck taking too few hours, too many hours, or too extraneous a courseload.

As a result: not staying here for the summer. Or, at least, not unless I find a job here, which I deem unlikely. Where am I going for the summer? Who knows? Let's find work and go where the work is.

Fall '06: Products Liability, Estate Planning, Domestic Relations, Sales and Secured Transactions, and Employment Discrimination Law. Products Liability, Dom Rel, Sales and SecTrans and Employment Discrimination are all on the bar. Estate Planning is something I'm thinking about doing for a living.

Spring '07: Real Estate, Alternative Dispute Resolution, Advanced Legal Research, Criminal Procedure, Trial Advocacy, Federal Courts. Real Estate (specifically mortgage), Criminal Procedure are both bar material. The rest is probably malleable.

3.20.06, 2:13 PM, EST, Ada, OH, isn't Daylight Saving coming up soon?

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