That's not what the Death card means

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written 2006-03-27 07:38:00

I'm not dead.

This is in lieu of an e-mail to the various Milwaukee folks who graciously and hospitably welcomed me into the familiar warmth and camraderie that is the old tradition. Wedding was lovely ("all they were missing was the Burmese fire-walking" according to one observer), good to see everyone, thanks to everyone who took part in my once-or-twice a year visit to the Cream City, and in my once-or-twice a year Jameson tolerance check (there may be a correlation between those two events. studies are ongoing).

Milwaukee has bookstores, neighborhoods, bars with very reasonable prices, culture, a Great Lake (two, really, but I don't get to the other one much), good food, good people, and is an excellent break from all the Ada in my life. Danke, danke, ein hunnert danke, y'all.

I did not get blindsided by a hangover in Gary, Indiana, thank God.

I did consider pulling over to a truck stop and asking someone to punch me in the gut so I could get it over with. (I went to Arby's for lunch instead.)

I went swimming. There was a shadowy woman smoking a cigarette at poolside when I did. I cannot explain this.

Good weekend, all in all. Congratulations to the happy couple.

3.27.06, 7:38 AM, EST, Ada (sigh), OH

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