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written 2006-04-18 17:15:00

Whew. That's better.

Got a to-do list for the last two weeks of school. Nice to have a checklist, nice to check things off.

Great time back home this weekend, just great. Hate to have such a short time in PA, since it inevitably means spending insufficient amounts of time with everyone.

Good time at the gig - congratulations, Chuck. Good job running that show, Marty. And thanks for keeping me company, Christian. If anyone hasn't heard the Christopher Moore story by now, e-mail me and I'll repeat it for the Nth time. I love that story. It doesn't even involve dog-fighting, heroin or slave auctions.

Cait, you'll want to pick some time when I get home in May to collect on your birthday present.

I'm sorry to everyone I didn't see enough of - though, really, that would be everyone, since I'd rather go home for a week or a month and spend all the time in the world hanging out. But no. Exams call. I'll see more of everyone this summer, work and salary permitting.

Got a "very nice" on my seminar paper presentation today. About that - the presentations were scheduled for class on Thursday, 6pm. However, that class was rescheduled for Wednesday at 6pm because the professor is attending a conference. However, Wednesday at 6pm conflicted with a school dinner or something, so the class was rescheduled again to Tuesday (today) at 11 am.

Yeah. That was announced on Friday, I found out last night because a classmate called me to let me know. Had to read a pack of other people's papers because responses and written questions are part of your class participation grade. Got it done, did it well (apparently). Also got good feedback on my paper and areas I can expand my page length on.

Now, pasta.

4.18.06, 5:15 PM, EDT, Ada, OH, lovely spring day

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