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written 2006-05-08 20:01:00

Two down, two to go.

Also, finished my last outline today. Thanks for all your supportive questions regarding my status on that front. Will be reading tonight, tomorrow, and the following night for exams Wednesday afternoon and Thursday morning.

So, there's this custom here at the school - I don't know if this is common to all law schools, but here it's the thing to do - the person who gets the highest grade in each course in a given semester receives what they call "the book award." Much like dean's list or graduating cum laude, it's recognition for its own sake - it doesn't mean anything or hold any significance once it's been awarded. (Except, y'know, you put it on resumes and applications and stuff.)

Inexplicably, I've received a book award for my work in my Constitutional Law seminar. My paper on judicial activism was returned today, with revisions apparently very well received by the professor. I'm rather incredulous, since there were very good papers written by very good people in my class. People on law review, people with phat jobs already lined up for summer 2007, smart smart folks.

And somehow, I'm the top dog in that class. Note, for amusement's sake, that this is the same class I signed up for as a placeholder - I had planned on dropping it as soon as I found a better 2 hours of credit.

Inexplicable, I say, or incroyable as we might say in Montreal. (Not in France, though. In France we'd just sneer.)

I should get back to studying.

5.8.06, 8:01 PM, EDT, Ada, OH

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