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written 2006-05-11 11:29:00


Sorry for the lack of update yesterday - trying to jam as much studying in as possible.

Con Law - tough exam. Professor dropped between seven and seventeen possible constitutional problems into a narrative that was about as logical as the average David Foster Wallace plot, with the final instructions reading something like, "There ya go, go get'em." I hope I tagged enough bases, but the sheer number of bases makes it hard to tell.

Taxation of Transfers - tough exam in a tough format. Most of my exams in the last two years have been essays, or short essays, or short answers that are mostly distilled essays. This one was multiple choice, and a survey section that asked basic questions about nine thousand possible scenarios in the gift and estate tax codes. I feel like I should go back to bed even though I've only been up for four hours, that's the kind of exam it was.

Thanks for all the kind words about my book award. I have to chalk it up to ineffective grading on the part of the professor (unless you want to interview me - then I earned that grade, dammit). My friend in the class also got an A, so I don't feel bad about messing with the curve or taking a grade away from anyone.

Carrie! Mikey! Thanks for the goodies. It arrived promptly after my last exam. I'll open it now.

I really might go to bed.

5.11.06, 11:29 AM, EDT, Ada, OH

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