That's not what the Death card means

post 133
written 2006-06-04 13:56:00

Okay, this just looks weird.

I'm switching to Word for my text editor, since the Mac seems determined to do my HTMLing for me. But as I type it, that's how it's going to look.

And I'm not sure how to change my header or whatever it is. I'll work on that.

Things are good. Starting a two-week engagement tomorrow, so that's good. Work, money, something to do, etc. If it doesn't rain today, I'm going to a little league game. I didn't get my oil changed (Sunday must be a big day for mechanics to take off) and there was no Heroclix game today because Wizard World Philly is in town. I ate a good number of doughnuts this weekend, and delivered yet more. I worked on logic and consistency with Josh, but didn't get very far. (He's going to be two in September, so there's plenty of room for improvement.)

My car sounds a little funny. I'll see what it sounds like after an oil change.

That's it. We're back up in the intar-nets and all's right with the world. Or something. Bagel places with free wireless internet remain one of my favorite places to be.

6.4.06, 13:56 EST, Warrington, PA, they close at 2pm and 3pm every day though

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