That's not what the Death card means

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written 2006-06-26 17:18:00

Temping is good stuff. Or at least weird jobs with minimal demands and stress combined with good pay = good stuff. Sure, it's not forever, but it's for right now, and it's doing what I need doing at this time.

(Non-geeks may want to skip the following paragraph.)

The summer Vampire game started. Y.T. is storytelling. I've set the scene in lovely summertime Milwaukee, and am peopling the game with actual Milwaukeeans. (Attention: Milwaukeeans: do not ask to be cast in this game unless you want to risk sympathetic / voodoo peril when your character analog suffers a grisly death in Lake Park. Oh, and could someone at the Landmark please check and see if that guy with the "Vietnam Vet - Please Help" sign who haunts Farwell and North is still alive. Thanks.) My group is the city's problem solver ("Sheriff"), her assistant ("Hound"), a consultant (a werewolf), and someone almost completely unrelated to the first three (an ancient pagan DJ - no, I'm not making this up). Problems arise immediately, and our heroes have to go be heroic. Except, y'know, they're all foul bloodsuckers or failed drunks. It should be fun.

Trying another text editor now, we'll see if the random numbers show up again on the top.

Oh, holy crap, Barry actually called me! For real. Unless it was a cleverly programmed voiceboard. I think it was him, though. I know some of you were worried - so, good news, he appears to be still alive and still clinging to the face of the earth. He claims to have been on a date when I called him this week, which I totally buy. We all know how good-looking that kid is. Still waiting to hear an interactive Barry voice in the near future.

Lot of rain here, but at least there's no tornado. Try to stay in one piece, Ada.

They Might Be Giants "She's Actual Size (live)," Dial-a-Song: 20 Years of TMBG

17:18 PM, 6/26/06, EST, Newtown, PA

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