That's not what the Death card means

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written 2006-06-30 17:25:00

Long weekend. Didn't expect it since no one warned me it was coming until 3 PM on Friday afternoon - "go ahead and take Monday and Tuesday off." Oh, cool! Now I only get paid for three days of work instead of five, and you let me know after I have a chance to make any cool plans to go and do stuff. (Well, sort of. I could have gone to Gettysburg, which I keep meaning to do and keep not having time. Didn't happen, though.)

Saw Kristy and her sweetie, Terry, in the city. We did some driving around, some hanging out, and some failed negotiations with an ESL locksmith regarding her bike lock. It was a long and arduous day for K-Bar, who had to lead off with minding small children of the landed classes, then Locky McLocksmith and his self-advantaging billing system. The dear thing practically passed out at various points in the evening, which allowed me to stealthily purchase dinner for her and her beau. Good food and an only slightly scary urban habitat. I am, and remain, Country Mouse (there's no such thing as Suburban Mouse, so you shut the hell up). Terry seems like a cool cat. Kristy tried to apologize for a perceived lack of sociability on his behalf, which amused me to no end -- "I'm really sorry, Josef Stalin, but he's not usually this genocide-y." Honestly, I practically view that as a positive character trait. But that's just me.

Three day work week? Man. What am I going to do with that?

Poker tonight if I feel like it. I didn't enjoy last month's game, and whoever's running it this week only informed Bren about it yesterday, so who knows...?

"My strength is ten-fold, girl."

--Newtown, PA, 17:25 PM, EST, Within reach but outside your comprehension

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