That's not what the Death card means

post 139
written 2006-07-06 21:42:00

I can't tell how old anyone is.

I was just sneering at some teenyboppers here at the (accursed) 611 Starbucks, and I'm fairly certain they picked up their children and walked out to their SUVs. So, presumably, they were not teenagers. (Presumably. You never know.)

My failures to accurately gauge the ages of those younger than I have been chronicled elsewhere and need not be repeated in this forum.

So, clearly, I have no skillz with age approximation. None to speak of. None whatsoever.

Does that matter? It probably doesn't.

My dad is being treated for pneumonia at St. Mary's. He should get better soon, but preferably after sufficient rest and recovery. This is not a forecast, but rather orders of a sort - either to him or to the pneumonia, I guess. So, hop to it.

7.6.06, 21:42 PM, EST, Warrington, PA

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