That's not what the Death card means

A week full of fullness.
written 2006-07-21 17:31:17

Had some days pass between updates, for which I apologize. One should never have so much life that one cannot adequately journal the events experienced. I think Jefferson said that. Conceited jerk. Like anyone cares what he wrote, right? Right?

ITEM! Minor league baseball is awesome. Anyone living within 30 minutes' drive of a minor league ballclub owes it to themselves to go out and catch a game. I went on Monday to the Trenton Thunder's Riverfront Park, where I received a pint glass, a bingo ticket, nine innings of mismatched baseball (Sorry, Binghamton, but your side of the scorecard read like a stuttering child trying to pronounce the word "kick" while getting beaten up by a Yankees farm team. Okay, I lost the thread of that simile midway, but I'm sure at least two people understood that.) (Perhaps "sure" is too strong.) Anyway, there was a dog who was a batboy, they gave away XBoxes, hundreds of dollars, prizes, free food, human hamster ball races, pipe bands, Irish dance school recitals -- it was like a crazy festival or block party, except the Thunder do this three or five times a week. It was a hoot. You should go.

ITEM! My car sputtered and died on Tuesday. I had a brief mental breakdown - my car doesn't die! It is immortal! - but got a ride to and from the car to continue working and then replace the battery, which appears to have addressed my issue. Many thanks to Bren, who presciently suggested it was a battery issue, then carted me around so I could correct the problem. The car is running fine now. (knocking on wood)

ITEM! Big ass violent storm on Tuesday. Power outages, property damage, lots of work for my landscaper boss.

ITEM! I'm going up to NYC tomorrow with Kristy and Terry, to see the Gerlach and her boy, Ivan. Word is Ray and his girl will be in attendance as well. A source who spoke on condition of anonymity suggests this could be off tha hook; the hook could not be reached for comment.

I think that's about it for items. My misappropriated internet connection at Starbucks is refusing to cooperate, which may indicate that T-Mobile is onto Mikey's communist plan to provide the Internet to the masses, or that Mikey's using the Internet right now, so no one else can. We'll see.

"In the spaceship, the silver spaceship, the lion takes control."

--17:09 PM, EST, Warrington, PA, Or at least it was when I wrote this

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