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Train in the rain, run when you're dry
written 2006-07-28 16:51:48

Hey now.

Had so much fun this week it took this long to get near the journal again. Saturday, stopped down in Philly to pick up my two hot dates, then drove up the (nightmare hellroad of utter despair) NJ Turnpike to Jersey City, Jess and Ivan's urban environment of choice. There we feasted on Cuban food, took the PATH train to Manhattan, and enjoyed the hospitality at Movida, a club run by a friend of theirs. Loud, loud music which was frequently 1980s-ish, a ton of people, and a VIP section.

Didn't drink too much, but did manage to pay $9 for a Bushmills. Some guys in suits showed up and drank Jess and Ivan's vodka while Cat and I tried to figure out who they were. A person asked me if I was Heslin, and told me he had heard tales of my exploits. That's a little gratifying, that my rep precedes me in NYC. A beautiful girl fell into my arms - I know she was drunk and couldn't stand in those shoes, but shut up and let me enjoy my moment.

Good times. Got Kristy back to Philadelphia in time for work. I got back in time for a barbecue at my dad's. Oh, and sleep. Since we got back to Jess's in Jersey City at 4:30am, and left for Philly at 7:30am or something. Heh.

Tomorrow, hitting the Orioles-White Sox game, which should be a race to see who can lose first. I back the Orioles, as always. With any luck, I'll have my very own O's jersey by tomorrow as well.

Oh, and humans in the Newtown area who appreciate Goodnoe's - it is closing on Labor Day. I will be arranging dinner somewhere in Newtown prior to this with dessert at Goodnoe's, probably during the week of the 13th of August. You want in? Let me know.

Oh, and gig at my place on the 5th. Y'all should all come.

--"time, time, time, time." Warrington, PA, 16:51 PM, EST

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