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Like looking for a marker in a drawer full of poisonous coral snakes
written 2006-08-15 13:04:26


I'm either on some kind of bipolar upswing or things are just coming up roses lately. Sunsets, blue skies, good times, all sorts of the variety of experience that makes having a blog feel like less of an awkward self-publicization exercise.

(No sooner have I written this sentence than two loud, obnoxious children sit down in the bagel place next to me. Never announce your contentment to the universe, because the universe feels like it has a job to do. Don't become a statistic! Keep your bliss on the down-low.)

Since last time, and please forgive me if I jump around in the chronology any here, since I posted an update to the journal at the same time that my internet connection gave out, so I don't remember what I posted and what I didn't. Yes, I could go check, but it's as much a mental exercise to recall what you did and what you posted as it is just reading. I'm sorry. This is probably too much detail. See above, awkward self-publicization exercise.

Yeah, since last time: dinner at a cool tavern in Bristol somewhere in lower Bucks, Puss and Boots. Dinner at Goodnoe's, which is closing, and has inexplicable high prices, so if you go, have dinner first and just get ice cream (many thanks to Jen for getting my dinner and Bren for getting my ice cream). Quote from Caitlin: "Do you have to hit on every counter girl?" Personal to Cait: Trust me, I haven't hit on any counter girl in your presence. What you're seeing is just complimentary flirting. The actual hitting-on is far more technically complex.

Most notably, I spent the weekend in sunny Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Flew out on Friday, went swimming - pool and ocean - had late night dinner on the Lauderdale version of Rodeo Drive or Park Avenue or something, looked at comic books, had a massage, saw where the loggerhead turtles nest, had room service breakfast, paid a forfeit (I lost a bet a while back), and generally got a serious workout. Personal to Susan: my abs still hurt.

I honestly can't remember the last time I swam in the ocean. It was great. Susan reminded me that south Florida is technically in the Caribbean, so it naturally has that blue ocean - fine sands thing going on. (Anyone wishing to debate this point is welcome to address their postcards to the South Florida Business Journal, c/o S.J. Stabley in the Crusading Journalist Department.) I had a brick of time where I never even saw the ocean, and I didn't like it very much. I highly recommend everyone see the ocean sometime. Mmmmm. Ocean.

And so two days remain before "Ohio 3: The Return To BFE." Coming soon to theaters in your area, assuming your area is Ada, OH. Have to run some errands and such in the time remaining to me. Also, have to have a meeting of the Triat to determine the position of the cosmic power balance for the remainder of this aeon.

-- [insert sound of fingers snapping]"The Aristocrats!" 12:42 PM, EST, Warrington, PA

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