That's not what the Death card means

It's called a geographical cure... but it's really not a cure at all
written 2006-08-18 12:23:53

Be advised - my GPS now reads as northwestern Ohio. Please do not go over to my brother's house to visit, unless you want to visit him. Or drink the beer I left in the fridge. You'll have to clear that with Bren and Pina.

The main reason I came back early ended up being unnecessary: you have to sign a form to get your check on time, or you used to. This year, it's "all computerized." I fear that statement. If I don't get my check on time, that's fine, as I brought back a chunk of change from work this summer. But I tremble at the thought of the bureaucracy weilding the ironclad excuse of "It's the computers" while not knowing how to operate said computers. Then we get the opening from "The Terminator."

That's how it happens.

US Bank screwed me. Again. I don't know how it's possible, unless they charge me an annual fee for having a checking account there. I deposited my big summer check into my US Bank account, and ended up with less money. I'm flabbergasted. I'll do some checking to make sure it's not just my stupid fault, and then probably change banks. Jerks.

(Amusing sidenote: read journal entries from exactly a year ago and hear the echo! Both with the bank's evil and my intent to do something about it. Note that I'm still with US Bank. [sigh])

Twelve hour trip back. Two traffic jams, two gas stops, one lunch and one stop just to not be driving for a little bit. I've done better, that's for sure. All in all, not a bad trip though.

Oh, if you know what RSS is, you can use RSS to get updates when I update the journal. That's one of the new things Mikey built into the journal when he modernized it.

Great to see everyone this week, and this month, and this summer. Sorry if I missed anyone. Kristy, remember you owe me dinner. Jess, e-mail me so I know you're not dead. Jefe, you have to make it to the next party so I can get rid of all that beer.

Don't buy the Da Vinci Code. Library, or borrow it from someone who bought it. Learn from my example.

--12:23 PM, EST, Ada, OH, nothing can live without its head

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