That's not what the Death card means

Where will they build the off-ramps of the information superhighway?
written 2006-08-27 18:37:56

Headed up to Detroit yesterday to play cards with strangers. Won a lot of swag. Am now selling the swag (well, the choicest swag) on eBay, and expect to turn a profit on the day.

I paid $2.39 per gallon for gas yesterday. About two weeks ago, I was paying about $0.75 more per gallon. There are upsides to living out here.

Reading about the Uniform Commercial Code, strict liability for defective products, and trying to decide if I want to stick around here and watch TV (which I don't have at home - or rather, any broadcast programming for my TV) or go home and cook dinner. I think the unpleasant heat in my house makes staying here a little more desirable.

--"She's kinda like an artist, sitting on the floor." 18:37 PM, EST, Ada, OH, I was hoping to have a chance to post in Detroit and see if anyone noticed the change in the dateline

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