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Deer Park, that's good water!
written 2006-08-31 17:50:33

Okay, Deer Park Bottled Water, a division of Nestle Incorporated, in association with the Baltimore Orioles, decided that I'm so cool I deserve the following things:

So, who wants to go see the Orioles on the 9th? I can't go, the commute is a killer. I asked my former landlord, but he works on Saturdays. Drop me a line if you want four tickets, BP passes and a tour of the Yards.

Then, who wants to go to Cooperstown? I have to wait and see if either of the dates I selected is workable, and by that time I can't register anyone for the free airfare. Basically, if you want to go, let me know. You'll have to get up to Cooperstown yourself, but I can get you in, get you fed, get you somewhere to sleep two nights.

Weird. All I wanted to do was answer Orioles trivia questions, and now I have all this stuff. It's kinda neat.

--17:50PM, EST, Ada, OH, does anyone remember that Deer Park slogan?

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