That's not what the Death card means

Hurry up and wait
written 2006-09-01 10:50:32

Oh, with Labor Day coming up, I have a long weekend scheduled. Not that I have anything scheduled for the long weekend, just, there it is. If anyone has any suggestions (that don't involve driving to Canada and drinking myself insensitive at a strip club), please let me know.

No word from Milwaukee. Presumably, Jill is still beating Bear at gin rummy.

Whoa, wait -- Labor Day? Jill's having a baby? Labor? PUN! NO! I wince and hope you can feel it.

I sent in the affidavits, etc., to the contest people. I hope to know in the next few days if this is a scam or not. From the looks of their website, it's legit.

I have to admit I expected a flood of e-mail by now demanding to know if there was still space available for the Cooperstown trip. Could it be that the wonders of the Baseball Hall of Fame are of limited appeal? Well, given the difficulty of coordinating a free trip, the people, the times, the sworn affidavits (they don't buy you a plane ticket until you guarantee you won't sue when the plane fills up with noxious vapor)... it's tricky. Ideally, I'll have a better idea on the date in a short time, and people can think about that then.

Alternately, I can go to Cooperstown by myself, and share my contest bounty with employees of local strip clubs, no doubt drinking myself insensitive.

--10:49 AM, EST, Ada, OH, "and hate yourself in the morning"

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