That's not what the Death card means

A sense of anticlimactic denoument
written 2006-09-02 10:53:55

So, I get home yesterday from class (Products Liability), meeting with career services (Daddy needs a job), and checking on my loan check (it's still not here), and wonder if I should check in with Bear, who's probably still doing the nervous imminent daddy pacing in a maternity ward waiting room. I mean, they can't play gin rummy forever, right?

I crack open my phone, and there's a message waiting for me. It's from Jill. Not Bear. My first thought is, "Oh, false labor, that's why played cards instead of, y'know, having contractions." Nope. Jill's calling people to let them know that they had a little boy. And just like the tone of yesteday's message, very casual. Like, "Hey, what's up, got about ninety minutes of sleep last night and they induced labor. We're calling him Jayden. Is there anything going on this weekend? I guess call me."

My opinion is that Jill should write a book on the labor process. "How To Have a Baby And Still Be Totally Cool" or something.

Congratulations to mom and pop, and good luck to all three Webers.

--10:53 AM, EST, Ada, OH

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