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written 2006-09-21 14:13:25

Inexplicably somber this last day or so. I need more vitamins or something. Did all my reading for this week by Monday night, so I haven't had as much to do since, which leaves me with too much free time, which is not necessarily a good thing.

I'm not putting any links in this post. That proved to be far more annoying than I had expected last time.

I just bought Sufjan Stevens' album, "(Come on, Feel The) Illinoise" on iTunes. I haven't really bought any music off of iTunes, with the exception of the occasional free song, or what have you. All of Sufjan Stevens' albums are available there, and at the default price $9.99 for the whole album. There's over twenty tracks on there, so I think that's a bargain. I may or may not be picking up "Greetings from Michigan" the same way (also a lot of tracks for $10). Sufjan Stevens is reportedly going to make one album for each state of the union - he's up to two, now.

I need a list of things to do, and I need to check off those things.

--14:13 PM, EST, Ada, OH

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