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Time passes
written 2006-10-02 10:52:59

Hey, it's October. Wow. You have to keep up with this whole linear progression of time thing.

Many thanks to the Concerned Citizens for the Conservation and Care of College Students (Carolinas Chapter) who sent me a package of tech, treats, the Onion and a bunch of weird stuff that probably only I would enjoy. Muchas gracias. I think I'm going to hold off on importing my music to the Shuffle until I've listened the hell out of it first.

Anyone who doesn't have an iPod Shuffle and wants one, should be aware that Apple released a new version of the Shuffle and the old one is cheap ($50). Did I mention this before? I can't recall. I guess not. I have a Shuffle on loan (from the aforementioned CCCCCS[CC]), but I think I'll get one for after the loan period ends. The new one is cute and tiny, but the old one has a inbuilt USB port, so you don't need a jack, a stand, a cable - just plug your Shuffle into your computer, like a flash drive. It's functional and adorable.

Time to talk about reasonable alternative design proposals. If I could make a ladder that would hurt less people, you have to pay me for making a defective ladder.

--10:53 AM, EST, Ada, OH, in the informal lounge with the lead pipe

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