That's not what the Death card means

I don't want the world; I just want your half.
written 2006-10-12 12:24:55

We're having a practiced international arbitrator come and speak to our Arbitration class this month. Also, the Kormendy Lecture is this month, and we'll hear about the Ohio Electoral College, and probably dig up some dirt in the most recent election. I missed a lecture last month because I had class during the lecture. For whatever reason, there have been two events this year I wanted to attend that were pre-empted by class. Also, giving blood (I must remember that), and--

Holy crap, it's snowing. No, really, I'm sure it won't last long, but right now, outside the window of this classroom,there's snow falling. For real-for real. That's weird.

Huh. Wow.

Um, yeah, got an invite to the ONU Hall of Fame induction, which I might go to - I'll have to dust off a suit if I do. Not much else going on at the moment.

Snow. On October 12. Man.

--12:20 PM, EST, Ada, OH, home of weird weather, I guess.

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