That's not what the Death card means

written 2006-10-13 08:55:23

My Sales and Secured Transactions professor just used the term "monkeying" to refer to a method of determining consequential damages in an installment sales contract breach.

So, we got brief and lovely flurries of snow out of a periodically clear, sunny sky yesterday. So, naturally, Buffalo had to one-up Ada - "snowiest October day ever!" or some other such nonsense - like there's any real rivalry between the two. C'mon. It was a long time ago, Buffalo, and Ada didn't even mean to break your collarbone and steal your woman. Let it go.

It's Homecoming weekend, so I have to figure out a way to get free food. I turned down the offer of free dinner at the ONU Athletic Hall of Fame, since I would only know one person, and would be awfully tempted to wander the hall giving out fake business cards and offering to rep young athletes on the East Coast. That kind of hope-shattering Friday night leisure only ends up one way - in tears.

Two hour long class this morning. Bleh. Fortunately, there is no second class later today, because it was moved to Wednesday. So, I may go back to bed after this class ends - or, I may start looking for free food. We'll see.

--8:55 AM, EST, Ada, OH, site of the 2006 ONU "Gone Country" Homecoming Celebration

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