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Anywhere is better than here
written 2006-10-18 00:20:41

I tell ya, it's difficult trying to understand Article 9 secured transactions when Fall Break is thirteen hours away. I tell ya.

Did you know there are three airports in Columbus, and they're all part of the same regional airport authority? It's true! Now, if I could just figure out which one I'm flying from, that'd be swell.

The duffel bags arrived, and they are not duffel bags. Do they even make duffel bags anymore? When I say "duffel bag" I mean the long sleeve bags that I associate with Army-issue gear, that sling over your shoulder. The baggage I received is pretty slick, though - it's that modular, suitable-for-airplane storage bag that's popular these days, with a nicely embroidered Orioles logo on the front. I wonder if it's carry-on sized, because I only carry my luggage with me. Don't like it when my stuff gets away from me, like during the snowstorm that one year. 2005? Can't recall.

Earthquake Weather by Tim Powers is a sequel to both Last Call and Expiration Date, so I re-read Last Call before starting Earthquake Weather. Nice to re-read, and nice to start some new Powers. Looking forward to Three Days to Never, though I might leave that for after Christmas.

I'll be in New York for a few days (like you didn't already know that, if you read this, I talk about little else lately), so don't expect e-mail to be promptly replied to until Sunday or so. Phone calls may be answered according to trustee's sole discretion.

Congratulations to Julie and Dan, who don't read this site, but I think they know someone who does.

Things I regard as semi-necessary internetting: Pandora is a site that asks you what music you like, then plays you music that you might like, based on what you tell it. You can give it feedback (I don't like this song, I like this song but not right now, I'd like to hear some different stuff by this person) and it will remember your suggestions. And Lifehacker is just a place for common sense suggestions about how you do things. Some of them are computer-oriented, but some are just good ideas. Example - when you wake up with a good idea in the middle of the night, but don't want to turn on a light, find a journal, write it down, get mentally worked up, then try and get back to sleep - instead, do something odd to an item that you'll notice in the morning. Turn the alarm clock on its side, put your watch around the lamp, put your shoes on the TV. When you wake up and see this odd placement, your memory will trigger and remind you of your idea last night. Stuff like that.

It's late. I've been studying a long time, but admittedly not the whole time. I've studied a good chunk of these last three days, and the time for goofing off is upon us. Ave, imperatrix, goofituri te salutamus!

--yeah, it's late, if I'm making up Latin. 0:20 AM, EST, Ada, OH, "Goodnight and Go" by Imogen Heap

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