That's not what the Death card means

Jiggity Jig
written 2006-10-22 15:45:41

Good times in upstate New York. Beautiful autumn coloration, hills, lakes, country roads, the polite-because-they-have-to-pander-to-tourists locals, all of it. My flights were on little tiny jets which make you just a little more concerned about whether or not man was meant to fly - but no problems, I slept or read the whole time on both sets of flights.

Anyone visiting Albany is encouraged to stop in for a meal at Lombardo's on Madison. Good food and a waiter from the Northeast (Philly, obviously!) who makes you wonder whether he's your good pal or being openly contempuous of you. Highly recommended.

The Hall of Fame was great. It's been years since I got up to Cooperstown - since either Terry Heslin or John Hahn took me along with his famiy - and it's still great. The exhibits on women in baseball, the first two decades of the twentieth century, and the Negro Leagues were favorites. Got shots of Mike Schmidt and Steve Carlton's plaques which hang adjacent to each other. It's interesting to see how much editorial commentary gets into the text on the plaques.

Since I had way too much free dinner to eat by myself, I thoughtfully allowed an elderly couple from Vermont and a transient who claimed to be from Fort Lauderdale to dine with me. It was a good thing, too - I only ordered about $25 worth of food, so they soaked up about $175 worth of cheap wine and dinner rolls. To each their own, I guess. (Good to see you guys.)

Good times, good times.

--15:33 PM, EST, Ada, OH, back in the informal lounge again

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