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Willfully Ignorant
written 2006-10-30 10:52:39

So, coincidence conspired to get me out of town on Saturday. I was scheduled for a four hour exam review session Saturday morning, and thirty minutes into it, the power went out. All over town, no electricity. I waited a little while, but it seemed like the power was going to stay off for a while. Some friends were heading down to Columbus for a Heroclix pre-release, and I called to see if they'd left yet. By chance, they hadn't left -- one of them couldn't wake up on time to leave early, so they postponed leaving until 11 AM, which enabled me to tag along.

That was nice. Got to hit a used book store, and have Mexican food. I think Milwaukee's Mexican places have spoiled me - the place we went to had miniscule portions. Or maybe I'm just hard to please. Oh, and I won three games out of three at the tournament. Good day.

Had the review session Sunday, which was good. Will be studying ethics all week. Also got some shopping done.

This morning, however, was registration for spring semester, and the online registration system wasn't working. So, I had to get dressed and get across town to register in person - by which time, one of my classes was filled up already.

I either need a 2 hour class or the motivation to do a 2 hour independent study. Third year law students should not be called upon to be personally responsible for work, progress, etc. At least, that's my theory.

Oh, and it's November soon, which means you shouldn't shop at Wal-Mart. I'm writing a letter to the manager of the Lima Wal-Mart explaining why he's losing my $50 this month. Maybe $150, depending on budgets.


--10:48 AM, EDT, Ada, OH, the Tilton building on the campus of Ohio Northern University

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