That's not what the Death card means

Now that's what I'm talking about
written 2006-11-02 06:03:25

Had a weird day yesterday, where I languished in boredom or the existential torture of a truly free world (couldn't tell which), which I interrupted periodically to study Arbitration and the ethics of the bar-approved lawyer. Thank you, Susan, for talking to me on the phone to reassure me that I wasn't the only person in the world at that hour.

Swapped out Carrie's Shuffle music with mine. Carrie has good music, if any of you want to bother her for songs, but there's stuff I have that I don't hear enough - which is the purpose of the shuffle, I think. Currently listening to Booth and the Bad Angel.

It was 29 degrees out this morning. I'm pleased. I no longer feel like the big coat is overkill.

MPRE this weekend, then two weekends "off," then a too-fast trip back to the 215 for turkey and debauchery. In that order. I hope.

--10:03 AM, EDT, Ada, OH

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